Junior Crew on Tour to JTC Newcastle & Sydney 2019

Please complete this survey as soon as possible and hit submit. We will collate information and update you on shows, rooms and rehearsals hopefully by Monday 2 Sep.

Working with Children registration cost for volunteer $19.44 and here’s the link: https://www.cbos.tas.gov.au/topics/licensing-and-registration/registrations/work-with-vulnerable-people/applications/apply

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Parent/Guardian Name
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Child's Name: You are accompanying
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You need to have a Working with Children/Vulnerable People registration. It costs just $19.44 for the online application for a Volunteer registration (link above).
There are two shows on offer: Westside Story at the Sydney Opera House and Chicago at the Capitol Theatre. Indicative prices are below. Both shows start at 7:30pm on Thursday 19 Sep and are said to be great.
Note: Adult themes in both shows with the production house recommending: Westside Story 12+ and Chicago 13+
During our travels, all parents/guardians will be allocated a few children to supervise as agreed each day. During the JTC in Newcastle, we are required to have some Chaperones present during all workshops. Chaperones get to sit and watch the children undertaking the workshops, look after small bags and water, assist if someone feels ill in our group, etc.
APARTMENT SHARING: With other adults *
You can select one or all of the following, including not having another adult in your apartment on the basis you may need to supervise up to 2 extra children plus your own child. Catherine and Kylie have already organised to share a room.
APARTMENT SHARING: Children to share
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